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About Us

African Friends of United States, Inc. is a Public Charity

African Friends of United States Inc. is an 

Education and  Resource Center dedicated to developing our youth and improving our communities. 


It is our mission to provide cultural entertainment and education programs that promote international friendship, cultural acceptance and youth development.  AFUS also addresses strategies that eliminate negative effects on the environment and enhance HIV Aids Education and Prevention in Africa. 

African Friends of United States Inc. Vision Statement

Contribute to quality entertainment and cultural appreciation in the tri-state area by staging 200 live public and school performances, talks, video shows, concerts and photo shows by 2020.

To provide new understanding of African traditions and treasures to at least 500 children through after school programs and develop 100 young leaders by 2020.

Foster unity and cooperation among African diplomats in the United States with the goal of creating a permanent all-inclusive Africa Day Parade in at least 3 states by 2020. 

Open a permanent office and center in New York State and source computers, hospital beds, medical equipment and ambulances to send to areas of dire need in Africa. 

Creation and operation of African cultural groups in all 50 states.


The city of Yonkers having recognized our contribution to the community of Yonkers and the work we have done both in the United States and Africa has provided us with a facility to open up our programs to members of the community and aid in the greater understanding of African culture  and history and the role it has played in the development of our society.  Look for our announcement of the  grand opening of the AFRICAN FRIENDS OF UNITED STATES CULTURAL CENTER coming soon in 2018.